One day, a long long time ago when I was a young child, I heard my mom calling, "time for dinner." After an exhausting day of playing outside with my friends, I was ready to chow down. I ran home, took off my dirty sneakers and headed to the dinner table. That's when my world was turned upside down. Sitting there on my plate were pancakes, eggs and bacon! I was so confused; why are we eating breakfast food for dinner? My mom proceeded to explain that just because it is food we eat for breakfast doesn't mean we only have to eat it for breakfast. That is the moment I started looking at the world differently. The creative seed was planted in my brain and has continued to grow. 

I began my education at a community college as a photographer. I love taking photos and capturing special or unexpected moments. During my studies, I took an advertising course. The instructor saw something special and suggested if I liked it, maybe I should look into graphic design and advertising. As it turned out, I really enjoyed the strategy and creative process. I then applied and was accepted to the Art institute of Philadelphia and embarked on a new journey. After graduating in 1999 with a degree in Specialized Technology and a major in Graphic Design, I began working in the Philadelphia area.

I currently work as an Art Director at Allebach Communications in Souderton, PA. This role has provided me the opportunity to work on various projects including print, web, television, photography, social media and radio, and to work with a diverse clientele. Working at a boutique advertising agency, I am adept at meeting tight deadlines and at working efficiently to meet our clients’ needs; I am also able to adapt to many roles. I am responsible for delegating projects and determining workload for designers and interns, as well as coordinating and collaborating with vendors. 

As a kid, I had no idea where life would lead me, but once I caught the creative bug, I couldn't shake it. Thanks Mom!